Shockwave Medical GmbH
Siemensstr. 31
47533 Kleve
Tel: +49 2821 977 31-00 (Zentrale)

Christian Gutfleisch
Mobil: +49 174 162 3822
E-Mail: cgutfleisch@shockwavemedical.com

Soziale Netzwerke:


Shockwave Medical is a company focused on developing and commercializing products intended to transform the way calcified cardiovascular disease is treated. We aim to establish a new standard of care for medical device treatment of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease through our differentiated and proprietary local delivery of sonic pressure waves for the treatment of calcified plaque, which we refer to as ‘Intravascular Lithotripsy.’

Virtuelle Ausstellung:

Animation Shockwave IVL Mechanism of Action
Animation Shockwave IVL in Eccentric vs. Concentric Calcified Lesions